What’s in a club?

We conducted a survey of our members as well as several pilots we know to learn about the information they needed to know in order to make the decision to join our flying club. We also asked what they look for in a flying club. With this information, we believe we can continue to improve and develop the club to come as close as possible to meeting these needs.

#1 What information do you need to have answered to make the decision to join a club?
(ranked from most important to least)

  1. What are the flying rates for your airplane(s)?
  2. What type of aircraft do you operate?
  3. How busy is the schedule (member to plane ratio)?
  4. What are the club dues?
  5. How many airplanes do you have?
  6. What is the condition of each plane (safety, maintenance)?
  7. What are the rules (e.g. overnight and min/day?)
  8. What avionics are in the planes?
  9. Age of aircraft?

#2 What members are looking for in a club are ranked like this:

  1. Reasonable flying costs (compared with FBOs/schools)
  2. Access to nicer airplanes.
  3. Few usage restrictions.
  4. Socializing and pilot camaraderie.
  5. More choices of what to fly
  6. Better avionics.
  7. Training and development.
  8. Safety.

Hope you find this useful. If the rankings change we’ll update this post. If you want to engage in the conversation, add your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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