The Club

Since 1967, the Denver Flyers, formerly known as the Skyhawks Flying Club, have safely and economically delivered the adventure of general aviation to pilots in the Denver, Colorado area. Based at the beautiful Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC), the Denver Flyers offer flying club members the opportunity to pursue their passion for personal aviation while continuing to learn and grow as pilots.

At a glance


Cessna 182P, N425TA


Dues: $165/month, $65 as flyable dues
$1000 insurance deductible deposit


Long history providing cost effective flying to members


  • Pilot Minimums:
    • FAR 61.31(f) High power endorsement (Can be obtained after joining the club)
    • Check ride with a club instructor
  • Dues
    • $165/month, $65 accrue as flyable dues (max $1700)
    • $1000 deposit (covers insurance deductible in case of accident)
    • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Scheduling Rules
    • 2 week max reservation time
    • Max 2 overnight reservations on the schedule at one time
    • 2 Hour minimum for overnight reservations

Full club bylaws available upon request.

More than just an airplane

Denver Flyers has a long history of combining economical flying with the freedom of your own aircraft. We are also proud to be a member oriented club that provides more than just an airplane to our club members. We typically get together many time a year to discuss club related topics and share our joy of flying. Some typical activities include:

  • Hangar Parties
  • Open Board Meetings
  • Safety Sessions
  • Aircraft Washing
  • BBQs